My work is best characterised as subtle and reflective, a process where one reads the grain of an urban environment and builds in a sensitive way.


I consider architecture to be fundamentally a part of the environment as opposed to being disconnected from it.

I appreciate that in order to achieve an enduring architecture one requires an understanding of the cultural and historical context, applying it in a contemporary manner in order to deal with the challenges which we face today and into the future.

My experience and portfolio of projects is as varied as the context in which I operate. I work on an individual basis with the client to develop the solution that best suits the needs of the user.

I strongly believe that architecture has a social responsibility to people, to place and most importantly to our environment.

Architecture is about materiality and durability, its real and therefore the integrity of materials is also an important consideration, from aesthetic expression through to forming a basis to utilizing materials that last, maintenance free and responsible in meeting the new challenges in a resource limited world.

And of course it should feel good to be in!

Service Commitment

I have a commitment to deliver work that is lasting and of great value, that is on time and on budget.

– Extensive exploration of design brief to ensure outcomes meet and surpass client expectations.
– Well thought out plans that allow for thorough assessment of potential ‘hiccups’.
– Continued attention to detail throughout design and building process.
– Ensuring communication between all parties is a priority from start to finish.

Since 2009 David has worked collaboratively with his elder brother Peter Vernon on a number of commercial and health related projects. These have ranged from master planning and feasibility studies for clients through to completed projects in Melbourne and regional Victoria, notably the Springs Medical Centre in Daylesford and the new Kitchen for the Creswick Hospital now under construction.