Bush Shack

Anywhere 2005
Site 000
Building Area 7.5m² service pod
with parasol roof 24m²
1 storey

Architects in association, Sean Cooney, WHACC Pty Ltd & David Vernon Architect

A speculative proposal for a temporary dwelling as part of a Biennale Exhibition in Canberra.

This project questions the notion of temporality and the ability to be adaptable to different locations and type of terrain, flexible for users and fully autonomous for service requirements. The notion of the temporary as a dwelling for mobility is challenged in our view with the suggestion here that a semi permanent structure offers the user to stay whether temporally or for an extended time before setting off and moving on. This is similar in nature to the facilities that already exist and in the past such as the traditional bush shack, perhaps best exemplified in the Mountain Cattlemen’s Hut in the Alpine regions of south east Australia. The user of this future dwelling may come and stay temporarily either to camp alongside in their choice of tent or use their swag on the sleeping platform benches contained within the service pod which also includes a fire, cooking, washing, water storage and sanitary facilities.

We see this temporary shack as a communal facility and focus as a gathering point which provides the ideal means to serve as a kiosk or distinct marker, like a benign monolith ready to be activated.

Alternatively individual users have the ability to take stock and respite using the service pod and under shade of the parasol roof. The shack can be adapted to local conditions by the user erecting shelter walls from locally sourced materials such as timber, earth or stone wall construction. Alternatively where resources are limited we would propose tensile screens be used fastened to the fixing rails provided to provide greater protection and shelter from inclement weather.