New Kitchen, Creswick Hospital,
Hepburn Health Service
with Peter Vernon Architect

Creswick 2013-2014
Site area 2.3 Ha
Building Area 130m²
with 20 space car park
1 storey commercial kitchen

A new kitchen for the Creswick Hospital which also serves other facilities operated by the Hepburn Health Service. The new facility will serve over 300 meals per day including a local ‘meals on wheels’ service and therefore careful planning was incorporated for managing food handling to and from the site. The original hospital was built in 1905 and has a local heritage planning overlay, and therefore a development approval was required to satisfy Council. The design is a new sophisticated shed clad in metal sheet to allow for low cost maintenance and not detract from the heritage of original Hospital

Future staged works will incorporate new staff facilities which will be accommodated within the original kitchen which has been maintained during construction